The main focus of Shark Bay Salt is maintaining long-term relationships with its customers, providing competitive pricing, the highest quality products and streamlined logistical management services.

Salt conveyed to saltpile.
Salt being added to the saltpile.Aerial view of ship docked in Shark Bay.

Performance and reliability

Shark Bay Salt is committed to providing the following to staff and the community:

  • A safe and welcoming work environment
  • Good work–life balance
  • Celebration of cultural diversity
  • Protection of the environment
  • Delivery of results to stakeholders.

We are able to commit to all these objectives as we have confidence in our people, processes, production environment, equipment and maintenance programmes to meet the highest of industry standards.

Shark Bay Salt has the highest quality management systems in place and ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

Our product is exported by bulk carrier vessels from our privately owned ship-loading facilities in both Shark Bay and Onslow. Both Shark Bay and Onslow operate 24/7 ship loading operations the year round. Shark Bay’s port facility was renewed in 2009 and accommodates vessels up to 45,000 DWT and operates at a loading rate of 22,000 MT per day. Onslow’s port facility loads vessels up to 60,000 DWT, and operates at a loading rate of 25,000 MT per day.

Shark Bay produces 1.3 million tonnes of salt per year; Onslow Salt produces 2.7 million tonnes.