The main focus of Shark Bay Salt is maintaining long-term relationships with its customers, providing competitive pricing, the highest quality products and streamlined logistical management services.

A close up view of the salt crystals.
Salt being washed.

Our competitive advantage

Mitsui has a strong global network which continuously provides Shark Bay Salt with opportunities for further expansion into Asia and beyond.

With population continuing to grow in Asia, we are witnessing the Asian economy on a whole, continuing to grow with it. As this happens, naturally salt demand increases as salt is a fundamental material for chemical industries, food manufacture and human consumption. The growth and maturing of these economies in South East Asia and the Far East, will necessitate not only larger volumes but also a demand for the highest quality of salt.

Shark Bay Salt’s operations are strategically located in close proximity to the growing Asian markets. We can therefore ensure a steady supply of highest-quality salt to meet the market’s requirements.