Shark Bay Salt is committed to the safety of the operation and its employees, and to the protection of the environment by complying with relevant rules and regulations.

Australian Pied Cormorant enjoying the sunshine in Shark Bay.
Shark Bay sunrise over rocks.

World Heritage Listing

The waters and islands surrounding the Shark Bay operation form a World Heritage site; they are known for their outstanding biodiversity and richness of wildlife.

Globally, 42 sites meet at least one of the four criteria required for World Heritage listing (natural heritage):

  1. exceptional natural beauty
  2. biological diversity
  3. showcasing examples of biological diversity
  4. showcasing examples of the Earth’s evolution.

But of these 42 sites, only a handful meet all four criteria — the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, Glacier Bay in Alaska, and Shark Bay. We can be sure that Shark Bay is an area of outstanding global significance.