Salt (sodium chloride) is an industrial chemical extracted from the sea by solar evaporation, and is a fundamental product in chemical and food-related applications. Traditionally used as a preservative in the food manufacturing industry, salt is also the key raw material for chlor-alkali factories that produce caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and chlorine, and soda ash (sodium carbonate).

Aerial view of Salt ponds.

Brine Management

Brine management is critical for controlling and maintaining the quality of brine at each stage of production. The first stage is to prepare fully saturated brine using evaporation ponds (or condenser ponds); the second one is to crystallise sodium chloride out of fully saturated brine using crystalliser ponds; and the last one is to harvest and wash salt crop from crystalliser ponds to produce the final product.

The quality of brine is managed by closely monitoring at each of these stages to ensure a quality product. Shark Bay Salt’s two salt farms produce some of the highest quality solar marine salt (sea salt) in the world. Its saltfields are ideally located to facilitate the export of bulk shipments to Asian markets.